Cloud News Review week of 10/08/2018

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This week on Cloud News Review

Google has deployed two new features for organizations that use the company's G Suite productivity suite to manage fleets of company-owned smartphones for employee use. The first of these features allows G Suite admins to lock users' devices. [ZDNet]

Tech providers vying for a $10 billion Defense Department cloud-computing contract may come under added pressure to prove their systems are secure after a report that China sneaked spy chips onto servers used by U.S. companies including, a top contender for the Pentagon award. [Stripes]

MarketWatch reported that Dropbox Inc.’s share prices rose after Instinet analyst Chris Eberle upgraded the company’s rating from “reduce” to “neutral” on Tuesday, October 2. After the news broke, the company’s shares went up by 0.2% in early morning trading.

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