Cloud News Review week of 1/6/2020

    This week on Cloud News Review

    The Outlook app for IOS is receiving an update with new features! These features include new Outlook account creation, suggested replies, and meeting insights. You can now create a new Outlook account inside the app, suggested replies lets you send messages quicker with smart tech, and if you have a meeting coming up, you can see the insights on what it might entail. [MSPowerUser]

    Heightened concerns over a possible Iranian cyberattack against the U.S. has increased the stock of many cybersecurity companies including Proofpoint and Okta. Proofpoint had a 1.5% increase while Okta had nearly a 4.5% stock increase. [MarketWatch]

    In other Microsoft news, while it has been reported numerous times that Windows 7 will have ended support this month, Office 365 users are in a bit more luck. Support for Office 365 on Windows 7 won't end until January of 2023. Here is a timeline for when all the versions of Office will end their support.

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