Cloud News Review week of 08/06/2018

    This week on Cloud News Review

    Microsoft has just released it's Dynamics 365 Business Central to the United Arab Emirates. This all-in-one solution is aimed to target UAE's fast growing SME segment to improve customer interactions and make better decisions with integrated intelligence, according to Startup MGZN. The solution is integrated with Office 365 to help innovators with their business decisions.

    Gmail and Dropbox have partnered up! Gmail has provided a new add-on which lets you bring your Dropbox content into your Gmail for message composition and more. Once you install the plug-in, the Dropbox symbol will show up on the right side rail of Gmail. It's pretty handy for people that go through so many folders just to find that "one file" they need to send to someone.

    In other Microsoft news, Azure has a new SSO operator. Microsoft's Azure Active Directory wizard has been used to establish a connection between the Active Directory and Microsoft’s Azure AD in the cloud. The wizard now includes an option to use Ping Federate to establish the connection after beta testing had been done this past May. This extra security step provides a safer and easier way to log onto your Office 365 account.

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