Why do we recommend Voltage?

Voltage is an Email Encryption plugin for your browser. Its highly independent of typical filtering services. Individual or team members can be added easily.


Benefits Of HP Voltage

Why should I buy HP Voltage Secure email?

End to End email delivery Protection

Encryption ensures full protection of sensitive information in your email and file attachments.

Once you hit send, the email message is encrypted and then transmitted encrypted. The whole delivery from your desktop to the end user who is recieving the email. This mitigates the risk of email security breaches by providing end to end security, across desktops, gateway, business applications, and mobile devices.

The Voltage SecureMail Cloud addresses such common business requirements as:

  • Complying with HIPAA, SOX, SEC 17a4, SB1386 and security mandates for data privacy in states like Massachusetts and Nevada.
  • Ensuring that messages are delivered to recipient inboxes.
  • Eliminating parallel data stores of email or user credentials.
  • Ensuring user buy-in through seamless integration with existing infrastructure and ease of use.
  • Streamlining key management and support.

Why should my business use Voltage?

Best User Experience

Encrypted conversations can be sent to anyone, inside or outside of your organization. Secured emails are sent and received like normal emails.

Why do I need to encrypt my email and files?

Email and file encryption is a proven approach to protecting sensitive information. In many cases encryption is necessary to ensure you are protecting client or patient information, in other cases because you need to protect intellectual property or other information that is confidential. Aside from the security and confidentiality concerns of using email in day-to-day business, email and file encryption is being adopted by growing numbers of users because of compliance issues. Specifically, legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have imposed stringent rules on the ways in which personal financial data and health information can be transmitted and shared. Firms failing to comply with these laws face severe sanctions and fines. In addition, the European Union and other international bodies have enacted privacy legislation that is affecting firms doing business overseas. For these reasons a secure email and file capability is now an essential tool for doing business at most publicly traded companies, firms providing health care or financial services, insurance companies, and the professional firms servicing these industries.

What are the key benefits of Voltage?

Voltage SecureMail is the world's easiest to use and most powerful solution for protecting your email communications. Designed for individuals and organizations that need to easily and securely communicate sensitive information via email. No software and no purchase necessary for your recipients to read and reply to secure messages.

Voltage SecureFile is the most simple, powerful and cost-effective solution for protecting documents and files. Designed for individuals and organizations that need to easily and securely collaborate on files. Voltage SecureFile is bundled with Voltage SecureMail Cloud.

How does the Voltage SecureMail Cloud work?

The Voltage SecureMail Cloud is based on the same technology as Voltage's flagship desktop product: Voltage SecureMail. The only difference is that it's a hosted service, so Voltage provides the hardware and server software infrastructure needed to support the system.


How do I use Voltage SecureFile to protect files on my PC?

Voltage SecureFile allows users to transparently secure files on portals and intranets. With just a single click, sensitive business documents that contain patient health information, financial statements or intellectual property can be easily secured to authorized recipients. Once secured, these documents can be exchanged via email, portals and FTP, or stored locally on a desktop or USB token. With the file secured by Voltage SecureFile, the information is always protected no matter where the document travels.

How can I be sure that no one else sees the content of my messages?

The Voltage SecureMail Cloud is a true point-to-point encryption service for email. This means that once you have encrypted a message, it remains unreadable until it is received and decrypted by the intended recipient.

Can I still use my own email software and regular email account?

The Voltage SecureMail Cloud has a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, and it works with all standard email accounts. When you download and install the Voltage SecureMail plug-in you'll get a "Send Secure" button added to your Outlook (or Outlook Express) interface. To send encrypted email, simply press the button


Easy Buying Options

Per User Pricing

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Group Pricing

Planning and executing an adoption program to drive end user awareness, education, and engagement via communications, training, and champion development.

Voltage Encryption Plans

Why HP Voltage Email Encryption?

Easy to Use Email, File and Document Encryption

Protect client confidentiality with easy to use, on-demand email, file and document encryption

  • Designed for Business Professionals
  • Easy to use, no setup required
  • No software and no purchase needed for recipients
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 2007
  • Low cost subscription

On-Demand Encryption

Rapid and cost-effective options to secure collaboration with business partners and clients

  • Rapid project ramp up and get going fast
  • Lowest cost on-demand service
  • Minimized IT overhead
  • Full integration with on-premise solution
  • Email, Files and Documents protected wherever they go

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