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We will work with you and/or your IT department to evaluate your current infrastructure. For example, what is your current problem? Why do you believe Microsoft can solve this situation? What data do you want to be migrated? What is the best way to migrate that data? There are even fine line questions based on our experience which we will uncover to help with a successful deployment.

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We use the best tools to help you deploy successfully. We use Teamworkpm which helps keep the "where are we at with this deployment" questions from your boss. We also use Migration Tools such as Migration Wiz to even further the enhancement of migration. After all, moving heavy data takes time and we want to make sure we always give you the best experience and best use of your money for the transition.

About Microsoft Office 365

Iron Cove Solutions is a leading provider of Microsoft Office 365 for small businesses. We have the right Migration package and Deployment structure for small businesses. Our small business package is affordable to get you up and running in the cloud. We are Microsoft Cloud experts in Office 365.

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Our Enterprise Deployments of Microsoft Office 365 are for organizations who have a more advanced IT network configuration. We provide the smoothest possible deployment recommending hybrid, and Coexistence deployments. We have the right Migration Package and Deployment structure for enterprises. We have deep knowledge around Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Yammer. Our Enterprise Business package is affordable to get you up and running in the cloud. We are Microsoft Cloud experts in Office 365.

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We work with Non-Profits in the cost associated with Microsoft Office 365. We can guide and help develop deployment plans around your budget and your needs.

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We offer Microsoft Office 365 Cloud support for organizations during and after a deployment. If you have deployed Office 365 and need support, we have packages around the support for your organization. Whether you are a large or small business!

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Email in the cloud. Work from anywhere and automatically synchronize email, calendar, and contacts on the devices you use most. Enjoy 100% Synchronization!

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Top Challenges With Microsoft Office 365 Deployments

A Microsoft Office 365 deployment can appear deceptively simple. The reality is that there is a wide variety of considerations that hinge on an organization’s unique business requirements. Whether it is a telecom reseller with 700 users in multiple offices migrating off an Exchange Online 2003 server or a five-person law firm migrating from a GoDaddy Pop Email server, each presents similar challenges and considerations. More importantly, each can be deployed smoothly with the following pre-deployment activities.


All deployments begin with access. Access to a business’ core infrastructure and domain is a critical success factor. Domain access is critical to begin the Exchange Online deployment. We often run across this problem. For example, we recently helped a firm that contracted with a third-party web design company that controlled the company’s website domain, but the web design contractor was away on vacation.

Companies facing this challenge – with no access to their domain – will be challenged and suffer deployment delays. If you contract with a service provider that requires multiple days for change requests, you should consider switching immediately. Domain access means domain verification with cloud services. It is critical and cannot be over emphasized.


All data is not the same. Data can be old or new, even if the data resides in a new application. Data can be corrupt in the new application (Outlook) and you wouldn’t necessarily know it. You could be that user who has a 20 GB Outlook mailbox. OK, Sir/Madam, please go in and archive your mailbox. Wipe out and back up 10 gigs of that data. Even applications such as Outlook can become unresponsive when the size of a mailbox approaches 20+ GB. In this instance you are more than likely not using Outlook in a proper manner and do not have a proper file server on site or in the cloud. The new Outlook with SharePoint access is pretty flexible. It lets you drag an attachment into a folder, and BAM, it’s in SharePoint. Ask us about this!


Migration to Office 365 naturally relies on the Internet – your connection quality and speed. If you have a DSL connection with an on-prem server you’re beginning your migration from a challenging starting point. Your deployment will likely require more time than you think. Another factor is a continuous connection. Without a continuous connection, data pulling will cease and be restarted. If the connection failed on a Friday and you are gone for the entire weekend, that is three days of data pulling lost.

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