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As an Office 365 customer, all mail sent to your organization passes through Exchange Online Protection (EOP) prior to reaching your mailboxes. This ensures that spam doesn’t reach your users. If you host all of your mailboxes in the cloud with Exchange Online, mail reaches your mailboxes after passing through EOP processing. In the same manner, if you sign up for EOP and continue to host your mailboxes on premises (called a standalone scenario), perhaps to continue taking advantage of your existing infrastructure, mail passes through EOP for processing and is routed on-premises for delivery. For outbound delivery, the process works in reverse.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a new feature area that helps you both protect sensitive data and inform users of internal compliance policies. DLP features help you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis. Exchange Online offers built-in DLP policies based on regulatory standards such as personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry data security standards (PCI), and DLP is extensible to support other policies important to your business.

Your users carry sensitive corporate information in their pockets every day. If a mobile device is lost your company’s confidential data can end up in the wrong hands. But thanks to Exchange Online you can use the Exchange Administration Center (EAC) or the Exchange Management Shell to remotely wipe the lost device clean of all corporate and user information.

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Exchange Online  

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Migrate Your Business to Exchange Online.

Microsoft Exchange Online enables your employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate in the office or on the go. Exchange Online keeps all of your organization’s email, contacts and calendars synced in the cloud, accessible across all devices and computers.

Save Time & Budget – Outsource the Migration Work to Iron Cove

Could your IT department migrate to Exchange Online on its own? Probably, given enough time and resources. But letting Iron Cove handle the migration project means letting you stay focused on your core business applications and operations. It also means taking advantage of Iron Cove’s experience completing hundreds of successful deployments.

Iron Cove has done more than 600 Office 365 deployments. Using a proven blend of proprietary processes and migration tools Iron Cove Solutions lets you become more efficient by working on the strategic benefits of migrating to Office 365, and not the tactical grunt work of getting it done properly, on time, and on budget.

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Exchange Online is web-mail service.




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Business users require email that’s powerful enough for the work you do and that simplifies your tasks. That’s Office 365 Business Class Email. With 50 GB of storage per user, you can hold on to the messages and files you need. You can send messages up to 25 MB, which means you can include images and custom formatting in your messages.

Mobility means you get more done and you can improve your work-life balance. You get a consistent Office experience across devices, so you can move easily from one device to the other and back again.


Customize your in-box


Business Collaboration
You can zip through your in-box and to-do list by customizing your in-box rules and notifications.





Business Collaboration
Use your own domain name with your email accounts, so every time you send a message your business name is highlighted in the footer of an email.



Email Archiving


Business Collaboration
Some plans include archiving capabilities for legal discovery and regulatory compliance, plus an eDiscovery Center to identify, hold and analyze data across your organization


Full synchronization, contacts, calendars and emails.

Top Challenges With Microsoft Office 365 Deployments


A Microsoft Office 365 deployment can appear deceptively simple. The reality is that there is a wide variety of considerations that hinge on an organization’s unique business requirements. Whether it is a telecom reseller with 700 users in multiple offices migrating off an Exchange Online 2003 server or a five-person law firm migrating from a GoDaddy Pop Email server, each presents similar challenges and considerations. More importantly, each can be deployed smoothly with the following pre-deployment activities.


All deployments begin with access. Access to a business’ core infrastructure and domain is a critical success factor. Domain access is critical to begin the Exchange Online deployment. We often run across this problem. For example, we recently helped a firm that contracted with a third-party web design company that controlled the company’s website domain, but the web design contractor was away on vacation.

Companies facing this challenge – with no access to their domain – will be challenged and suffer deployment delays. If you contract with a service provider that requires multiple days for change requests, you should consider switching immediately. Domain access means domain verification with cloud services. It is critical and cannot be over emphasized.


All data are not the same. Data can be old or new, even if the data resides in a new application. Data can be corrupt in the new application (Outlook) and you wouldn’t necessarily know it. You could be that user who has a 20 GB Outlook mailbox. OK, Sir/Madam, please go in and archive your mailbox. Wipe out and back up 10 gigs of that data. Even applications such as Outlook can become unresponsive when the size of a mailbox approaches 20+ GB. In this instance you are more than likely not using Outlook in a proper manner and do not have a proper file server on site or in the cloud. The new Outlook with SharePoint access is pretty flexible. It lets you drag an attachment into a folder, and BAM, it’s in SharePoint. Ask us about this!


Migration to Office 365 naturally relies on the Internet – your connection quality and speed. If you have a DSL connection with an on-prem server you’re beginning your migration from a challenging starting point. Your deployment will likely require more time than you think. Another factor is a continuous connection. Without a continuous connection, data pulling will cease and be restarted. If the connection failed on a Friday and you are gone for the entire weekend, that is three days of data pulling lost.

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Our Service


Businesses today are thinking about moving to cloud-based services. We are often asked: How do I move from what I have today, to the cloud?

Iron Cove Solutions provides services that can help answer this question. We are one of many partners today, however, we were born in the cloud. We have moved, supported and migrated thousands of users to cloud services.

We begin our engagement with a thorough assessment of your business.


Our Assessment Consists of:


  • On-premises infrastructure servers and components.
  • Network architecture and DNS.
  • Authentication solutions.
  • Directory design.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Mail routing.
  • Certificates.
  • Hardware and software.
  • Mail and other client applications.
  • Mail archiving and compliance.
  • Mobile devices.



  • Assign licenses to users.
  • Issue final communications to end users.
  • Migrate mailbox data.
  • Migrate existing collaboration documents.
  • Change DNS records.
  • Configure mobile phones and devices for Office 365.
  • Perform post-migration service testing.
  • Set retention limits.

Our Tools


It may have been easy to move your email from your local/hosted server. Now comes the creation of Outlook and deployment of desktop applications.

Because we have done hundreds of migrations of Microsoft Office 365, we have created our own tools.

Deploying Office Pro Plus and configuring Outlook software on your machines can take a significant amount of time in your project if you don’t use our automated deployment tools.

With our customized set of tools, we make sure your projects are within budget and completed within the time allocated for these projects.

We provide the best configuration tools for on-boarding you to Office 365.


Outlook Configuration


Depending on your environment, you may have to go through various hurdles when you start using Office 365.
Among those hurdles is configuring Outlook within your Exchange Online account.

With our easy-to-use Outlook configuration tool for Windows, you can be up and running in no time!
In just under two clicks, you can set up Outlook so that you can start receiving email right away.

Our customers spend as much as 85% less time per desktop compared to configuring Outlook manually for use with Office 365.

How much time are you saving on your next Office 365 project?

Office Deployment Service


It’s always a challenge when you have to deploy the latest Office software to your users. Having done large enterprise deployments, we present our clients with a customized set of solutions that are catered to their current network environment. We help our customers to choose the right deployment option with the help of our wide range of solutions, which include third-party tools and our own proprietary software.


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