As an Office 365 customer, all mail sent to your organization passes through Exchange Online Protection (EOP) prior to reaching your mailboxes. This ensures that spam doesn’t reach your users. If you host all of your mailboxes in the cloud with Exchange Online, mail reaches your mailboxes after passing through EOP processing. In the same manner, if you sign up for EOP and continue to host your mailboxes on premises (called a standalone scenario), perhaps to continue taking advantage of your existing infrastructure, mail passes through EOP for processing and is routed on-premises for delivery. For outbound delivery, the process works in reverse.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a new feature area that helps you both protect sensitive data and inform users of internal compliance policies. DLP features help you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis. Exchange Online offers built-in DLP policies based on regulatory standards such as personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry data security standards (PCI), and DLP is extensible to support other policies important to your business.
Your users carry sensitive corporate information in their pockets every day. If one of them loses their mobile phone, your data can end up in the hands of another person. If one of your users loses their mobile phone, you can use the Exchange Administration Center (EAC) or the Exchange Management Shell to wipe their phone clean of all corporate and user information.

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We can migrate your business to Exchange Online.

Exchange Online enables you to stay connected, even on the go–from your desk to your phone to a business meeting. With Exchange Online, you will never be out of touch. Your email, contacts and calendar are synced, with access across all devices and computers.

Why would you do it, when we can do it more efficiently?

You want to spend your time working your business, not spending time figuring out how to get deployed. With our proprietary tools, we simplified the deployment process and efficiently enhanced the deployment to your end users. Why do what we do all day? When you can spend more time working on what matters most, your business.

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Exchange Online is a web-mail service.




Business users require email that’s powerful enough for the work you do and that simplifies your tasks. That’s Office 365 Business Class Email. With 50 GB of storage per user, you can hold on to the messages and files you need. You can send messages up to 25 MB, which means you can include images and custom formatting in your messages.

Mobility means you get more done and you can improve your work-life balance. You get a consistent Office experience across devices, so you can move easily from one device to the other and back again.

Customize your in-box

Business Collaboration
You can zip through your in-box and to-do list by customizing your in-box rules and notifications.


Business Collaboration
Use your own domain name with your email accounts, so every time you send a message your business name is highlighted in the footer of an email.

Email Archiving

Business Collaboration
Some plans include archiving capabilities for legal discovery and regulatory compliance, plus an eDiscovery Center to identify, hold and analyze data across your organization

Full synchronization, contacts, calendars and emails.

Work smarter with Outlook.

People often use email to exchange sensitive information, such as financial data, legal contracts, confidential product information, sales reports and projections, patient health information or customer and employee information. As a result, mailboxes can become repositories for large amounts of potentially sensitive information and information leakage can become a serious threat to your organization. Outlook makes this easier to do all of the above and more.

Internal Rights Management

To help prevent information leakage, Exchange Online includes Information Rights Management (IRM) functionality that provides online and Offline protection of email messages and attachments. IRM protection can be applied by users in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web App, and it can be applied by administrators using transport protection rules or Outlook protection rules. IRM helps you and your users control who can access, forward, print or copy sensitive data within an email.

Easy to manage, from anywhere

Access the administration center from anywhere. Quickly set up new user accounts and restore accounts deleted within 30 days. Administrators can create custom scripts and automated processes using PowerShell.

Built-in security you can trust

Your email is defended against mail threats with industry-leading anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering.


No Spam

When you open your in-box, you want to get right to work—not wade through a clutter of ads. With Office 365, your email is free from advertising.

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Exchange Online Plans

Choose your plan

  • Large mailboxes
  • Outlook support
  • Web-based access
  • Mobility
  • Shared calendar and contact
  • Apps for Outlook
  • Security
  • In-Place Archive
  • In-Place Hold
  • Unlimited storage
  • Hosted voice mail
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

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Our Service

Businesses today are thinking about moving to cloud-based services. We are often asked: How do I move from what I have today, to the cloud?

Iron Cove Solutions provides services that can help answer this question. We are one of many partners today, however, we were born in the cloud. We have moved, supported and migrated thousands of users to cloud services.

We begin our engagement with a thorough assessment of your business.

Our Assessment Consist of:

  • On-premises infrastructure servers and components.
  • Network architecture and DNS.
  • Authentication solutions.
  • Directory design.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Mail routing.
  • Certificates.
  • Hardware and software.
  • Mail and other client applications.
  • Mail archiving and compliance.
  • Mobile devices.


  • Assign licenses to users.
  • Issue final communications to end users.
  • Migrate mailbox data.
  • Migrate existing collaboration documents.
  • Change DNS records.
  • Configure mobile phones and devices for Office 365.
  • Perform post-migration service testing.
  • Set retention limits.

Our Support

Iron Cove has the ability and will perform many common tasks associated with administering your cloud so you don’t.

We offer full Office 365 support.

Monitor and manage Office 365

  • Manage users and groups from the Office 365 Portal.
  • Manage licenses for the Office 365 organization and users.
  • Add or remove users from Office 365 according to company policies.
  • Reset passwords for users.
  • Password expiration policies.
  • Manage mailboxes from Exchange Control Panel.
  • Configure mailbox permissions.
  • Configure public folders and shared mailboxes.
  • Configure distribution groups and external contacts.
  • Configure spam, malware, connection and content filters.
  • Basic permissions management for mailboxes and resources.
  • Ticket-based support via web, email or phone.


Fine tune filtering

  • Help desk.
  • Suspend user – reset user.
  • Quarantine manager troubleshooting.
  • End-user settings and management.
  • Traffic limits.
  • Change address.
  • Add/delete users.
  • Junk, virus and account settings.
  • Advanced organization management.
  • Manage authorizations and administrators.
  • Inbound and outbound server settings.
  • Spool manager.
  • Advanced email troubleshooting and recommendations.
  • Tier-3 support and escalation with cloud vendors.

Our Tools

It may have been easy to move your email from your local/hosted server. Now comes the creation of Outlook and deployment of desktop applications.

Because we have done hundreds of migrations of Microsoft Office 365, we have created our own tools.

Deploying Office Pro Plus and configuring Outlook software on your machines can take a significant amount of time in your project if you don’t use our automated deployment tools.

With our customized set of tools, we make sure your projects are within budget and completed within the time allocated for these projects.

We provide the best configuration tools for
on-boarding you to Office 365.

Outlook Configuration

Depending on your environment, you may have to go through various hurdles when you start using Office 365.
Among those hurdles is configuring Outlook within your Exchange Online account.

With our easy-to-use Outlook configuration tool for Windows, you can be up and running in no time!
In just under two clicks, you can set up Outlook so that you can start receiving email right away.

Our customers spend as much as 85% less time per desktop compared to configuring Outlook manually for use with Office 365.

How much time are you saving on your next Office 365 project?

Office Deployment Service

It’s always a challenge when you have to deploy the latest Office software to your users. Having done large enterprise deployments, we present our clients with a customized set of solutions that are catered to their current network environment. We help our customers to choose the right deployment option with the help of our wide range of solutions, which include third-party tools and our own proprietary software.

Who we work with!

Office 365 for Small Businesses.

Iron Cove Solutions is a leading provider of Microsoft Office 365 for small business. We have the right migration package and deployment structure for small businesses. Our “small business package” is affordable to get you up and running in the cloud. We are Microsoft cloud experts in Office 365.

Office 365 for Non-Profits.

We help you get Microsoft Office 365 for your non-profit organization. Because we are Microsoft Cloud Accelerated Partners, we can guide and help build deployment plans around your budget and needs. We can get you the lowest costs to work with Microsoft Office 365 and guide you through the process!

Office 365 for Enterprises.

Our Enterprise Deployments of Microsoft Office 365 are for organizations who have a more advanced IT network configuration. We have the right Migration Package and Deployment structure for enterprises. We have extensive knowledge in Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Yammer. Our Enterprise Business package is affordable to get you up and running in the cloud.

Office 365 for Cloud Support.

We offer Microsoft Office 365 Cloud support for organizations during and after a deployment. If you have deployed Office 365 and need help, we have packages around the support required for your organization. Whether you have a large or small business, we have the package to meet your needs!


Email in the cloud. Work from anywhere and automatically synchronize email, calendars and contacts on the devices you use most. Enjoy 100% Synchronization!

What is Exchange Online?

Business Collaboration

Exchange Online is a business-class cloud email server. It will deliver email, synchronize calendars, contacts and email on your PC, phone, and web browser. Exchange Online lets you increase productivity and safeguard your organization, while maintaining the control you need.

Security features of Exchange Online.

Business Collaboration

Exchange Online provides advanced security measures and reliability to help protect your information. All Microsoft servers are SAS70 Certified. You can learn more about their Security Measures in this PDF.

Stay in control with a just a click.

Business Collaboration

Gain the advantage of hosting on Microsoft servers even while maintaining control over your environment. Manage your organization efficiently with the Exchange Administration Center, an easy-to-use, web-based interface.


Personable service, fast turn-around, accurate results. Due to our complex environment (over 800 users), there were few minor issues, however, it is worth mentioning these were knocked out with quick, concise work to great efficacy. – Arch Telecom
We’ve been working with Patrick and his team at IronCove for a few years now through two products. Patrick, AJ, Tim, CD and the rest of the team at IronCove were proactive and responsive in our recent move to MS Exchange Online. I can’t say enough good about them. We have worked with some less than stellar consultants in the past and were happy to find the knowledgeable, professional, and responsive atmosphere at IronCove. Also they are Mac friendly which comes in handy in a mixed OS environment. – LBJ Foundation


Business-class collaboration

Business Collaboration

We use the best tools to help you deploy successfully. We use Teamworkpm which helps keep the “where are we at with this deployment” questions from your boss. we also use Migration Tools such as Migration Wiz to even further the enhancement of migration. After all, moving heavy data takes time and we want to make sure we always give you the best experience and best use of your money for the transition.

Deployment, consulting, and support!


Iron Cove Solutions achieved Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner status (held by less than 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide). The Microsoft cloud Accelerate Program is designed for partners committed to cloud based businesses.

Tier 1 Cloud Accelerate Partners


Iron Cove Solutions is part of the Microsoft Advisory Board for “cloud-computing.” We act as a consultant and advisor of Microsoft products and initiatives. Our tier 1 status is the highest achievement for Microsoft Cloud Computing. We also work very closely with the Microsoft compete team. In doing so, we have completed enterprise deployments and initiatives for this group.

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We provide a custom development that fits your business needs.

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Our experts will guide you during the entire migration process.

                                           *Migration strategy      *Information architecture

                                           *Migration plan            *Consulting

S U P P O R T 


We provide cloud office 365 support.

                        *Roles and responsibilities           *Policies and standards

                        *Life cycle

T R A I N I N G 


We provide custom training for your business.

                                             *Planning           *End User

                                             *Webinar            *Custom to your needs!