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Strategy Of File Server Migration


We run a tool which will analyze and assess your current file server condition and determine what could be the 'gotchas' or concerns we may face as we lift-and-shift to your designated cloud service. A "gotcha" may be a naming convention, old data or too deep folder structure.


Determine a plan to ensure production and operations are not affected by the changes you seek to make. Each solution is developed to fit your network.


We only test with real data. This real-life ensure the cloud service is implemented correctly and isolated in its environment on your network.

Having A Business File Server Problem.

In your office, is the term “shared drive” synonymous with “file server” or “NAS drive”? Wish you could work hand-in-hand with team members outside of your organization on the same presentation? Tired of having to maintain the hardware your file library sits? We proudly partner with Dropbox and Amazon Web Services to migrate these environments to the cloud With data multiplying, why not make the switch to a fully accessible environment today?


File Server Cloud Migration Problems

Windows vs Apple

Another problem is the actual name of the file or folder. Windows may recognize individual characters, but Apple systems do not, and people wonder why they can not see those files. These two operating systems are entirely different with an utterly different user interface and technical capabilities.

Old data

It’s has been our expierence where your file server is old. The data is old. What do we mean by old, you have version of Microsoft Word 1997 or older, never updated with proper path and now that data, while significant to you is now a serious problem for migration.

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File Naming Conventions

We come across files being named with **ABCcompany.doc where they used the ** because they want it at the top of their file system to find. We also see nested folders. We had one client that had nine nested folders of the same name. For example, Acme>Acme Accounting>Acme Accounts Payable>Acme 2017>Acme January. They used the same word for all the nested folders when they were in the Acme Folder. There is no need for this to happen in a firm. If you have this problem, I recommend you start to tackle immediately.

Perferred file naming convention we use.


Always use date first with the full name of the file. Search engines both locally and cloud can find all the words when they are together and not separated; and for those that need space, make sure you use a minus sign. So the file would be like 07-10-2018-file-name.

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