chatgbt tips April

    Chatgbt is pretty darn cool. Some cool use's for it.

    1. Improve your writing by getting feedback.

    Use this prompt:

    [paste your writing]

    "Proofread my writing above. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes. And make suggestions that will improve the clarity of my writing"

    2. Use the 80/20 principle to learn faster than ever.


    "I want to learn about [insert topic]. Identify most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it."

    3. Learn and develop any new skill.


    "I want to learn / get better at [insert desired skill]. I am a complete beginner. Create a 30 day learning plan that will help a beginner like me learn and improve this skill."

    4. Get short and insight-packed book summaries.


    "Summarize the book [insert book] by the author [insert author] and give me a list of the most important learnings and insights."

    5. Get feedback from history's greatest minds.


    "Assume you are [insert famous person e.g. Einstein]. Read my argument below and give me feedback as if you were [insert person again]"

    [insert your argument]

    6. Enhance your problem solving skills.


    "Your role is that of a problem solver. Give me a step-by-step guide to solving [insert your problem]."

    7. Generate new ideas and overcome writers block:

    Sample prompt:

    "I am writing a blog post about [insert topic]. Give me an outline for this blog post with 10 bullet points. Also give me 5 options for a catchy headline."

    You can adapt this prompt for whatever you're writing.

    8. Summarize long texts and accelerate your learning:


    "Summarize the text below into 500 words or less. Create sections for each important point with a brief summary of that point."

    [insert text]

    9. Use stories and metaphors to aid your memory.


    "I am currently learning about [insert topic]. Convert the key lessons from this topic into engaging stories and metaphors to aid my memorization."

    10. Strengthen your learning by testing yourself.


    "I am currently learning about [insert topic]. Ask me a series of questions that will test my knowledge. Identify knowledge gaps in my answers and give me better answers to fill those gaps."

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