Okta End User Training Topics

General Training

This covers the general day-to-day use of Okta.

Single Sign-On

Teach end-users about SSO

Why SSO is necessary How SSO works How to set up SSO SSO vs SWA applications Tips on customizing the SSO experiences for your organization How to manage their applications Resetting passwords Requesting new applications

We walk through how end-users can create tabs, organize apps, and log in with SSO

Okta Browser Plugin

We show end-users how to download and use the Okta Browser Plugin so they can access all their apps directly from a web browser

Okta Mobile

We walk end-users through Okta Mobile setup and instruction so they can easily access apps as they would through the Okta Dashboard.

Add On Training Packages

What is MFA?

We teach end users about MFA

- Why MFA is necessary
- How MFA works
- How end-users can get set up with the factors chosen by your organization

MFA demo

  • Show end users a live example of MFA working in their organization’s sandbox


Okta Administration Training

Contact an Iron Cove Representive to learn more about our Okta Administrator Training Package where we customize the training to match your organization's needs.

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