Need to migrate to Box?

Need to migrate to Dropbox?

Need to migrate to Office 365?

Consulting Rates for Dropbox


Strategy of File Server Migration


Analyze the current production environment and determine what could be the 'gotchas' or concerns we may face as we implement your cloud service.


Determine a plan to ensure production and operations are not affected by the changes you seek to make. Each solution is developed to fit your network.


We only test with real data. This real-life ensure the cloud service is implemented correctly and isolated in its environment on your network.

Having a business file server problem.

In your office, is the term “shared drive” synonymous with “file server” or “NAS drive”? Wish you could work hand-in-hand with team members outside of your organization on the same presentation? Tired of having to maintain the hardware your file library sits on? We proudly partner with Dropbox and Amazon Web Services to migrate these environments to the cloud With data growing rapidly, why not make the switch to a fully accessible environment today?

3rd Party Tools with Dropbox

Dropbox Single Sign On

It’s our experience that organizations implement cloud services but tend not to take the next step: preventing unauthorized access to company-owned information. With most of our cloud services, you can reduce this risk by tracking when and how your end users access data. Whether it sits on-premises or in the cloud, we can help implement sign on security controls based on your needs. We love Okta for this security.

Other Cloud Services

If there is one thing that has helped Iron Cove grow, it is the utilization of online email platform adoption and training. Low-cost email hosting on the most trusted platform for businesses, including Office 365, Amazon WorkMail and GSuite, maintains your communication with clients without compromising functionality.

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