Cisco Clouds are 100% cloud managed for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility.

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What Cisco value do we bring? We know Cisco Cloud Security. Just ask!


Cloud Security Features

ScanSafe Outbreak Intelligence

Proprietary to ScanSafe, Outbreak Intelligence goes beyond the capabilities of traditional security techniques, scanning all Web requests in real time by using a combination of dynamic, reputation and behavior-based analysis engines.


ScanSafe is now Cisco Cloud Security. Cisco Cloud Security provides industry leading security and control for the your business. Other features include protection everywhere, advanced threat defense capabilities, and roaming user protection.

ISRG2 Integration

The Cisco® Integrated Services Router G2 (ISR G2) Family delivers numerous security services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, and VPN.

Cloud Security

Cisco Cloud Web Security provides industry-leading security and control for the enterprise. Users are protected everywhere, all the time.


In 2009 Cisco acquired ScanSafe, a leading cloud-based Web security provider. ScanSafe offers consistent, enforceable, high- performance Web security and policy regardless of where or how users access the Internet. With numerous data center locations spread around the globe, ScanSafe Web Security is both scalable and reliable. ScanSafe is proven to block more Malware than traditional Web security solutions and focuses on preventing zero-day malware threats.

Cisco Certified

The Iron Cove Solutions project managers are certified experts at deployment, providing support and full departmental needs.

Customer Support

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