Publish Date: May 15th, 2018

Business Situation

Adaptive Insights is a pioneer in cloud corporate performance management (CPM), and the business has grown rapidly, with a singular focus on customer success. Adaptive is a fully integrated cloud CPM and business intelligence (BI) platform. With the cloud as their backbone business, they wanted to deliver an award-winning user experience for their business and partners. They choose Iron Cove Solutions to deploy Dropbox and replace their existing file server.

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Customer Profile

Adaptive had accumulated 5 TB of business-critical data which needed to be migrated to Dropbox Cloud Enterprise. Employee user accounts are managed via Centrify; an IAM platform. This requirement required all data be migrated prior to roll out and activation of Dropbox.

A primary challenge was to simplify the migration of mapped data to user accounts. There were close to 500 mapped user accounts.

The second challenge was to ensure user activations and permissions assignments were deployed silently. Silent deployment is where a user is not aware of their accounts being created and updated in Dropbox.

Adaptive wanted the instance to feel like they never been moved. It had to be seamless.

  • Removed an old file server headache for IT
  • Reduced helpdesk support significantly
  • Created a significant collaboration environment
  • Showcased IT’s commitment to security, efficiency, and calloboration
  • Achieved a major company wide deployment with minimal problems
  • Achieved a convient, 100% backed-up, full synchronized, easy to use, cloud file server

Iron Cove Solutions was selected as the Dropbox deployment partner because of our strong experience of migrating critical business data to the Cloud.

The project started with scoping Adaptives current use and set-up of their existing file server. We determined the total number of users, the type of data (good and bad) and the configuration of our end point cloud migration service; Tervela which we would utilize in the pulling of the data from the local file server to Dropbox.

A vm was established on the Adaptive server. This allowed us to connect and pull information in a very fast format. Tervela allowed us to do the following.

In working streams, we consolidated and configured the Dropbox tenant. The deployment of silent users with their current folder structure and permissions needed to kept in place.

The migration of data stared on December 14, and the completion of all data, rules and mapping was completed Jan 12.

Ultimately, end users were exposed to the elegant and easy-to-use Dropbox user interface and quickly began using the cloud file service for their organization and partners.

The result?

A high level of adoption for an enhanced collaboration and synchronization file server providing years of growth around sensitive corporate information and applications.

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