Publish Date: November 8th, 2018

Business Situation

Why Courtdoxx decided to use Auth0 as their primary identity provider

At Iron Cove Solutions we are always looking for ways to improve our clients business. Recently while working with a client of ours, we were discussing how we are going to authenticate our users. We were evaluating between going the traditional route while rolling our own authentication using the .Net Identity framework, or using Auth0 as an identity provider. We ended up choosing Auth0, and here is why.

Customer Profile

Cost It was cheaper to use Auth0 than to roll our own. Sure Auth0 has a monthly fee, vs. no fee using our custom solution. However, developers are not cheap. With the average C# developer charging around $275 an hour, rolling out your own software can become costly quick.


We easily added two factor authentication.

Auth0 allows you to enable two-factor authentication by checking a checkbox. With a traditional approach, this would have costed us extra developer time to implement. With Auth0 we merely used a checkbox. If we ever want to use other authentication options such as the Authenticator App, we can do this by checking a box instead of wasting valuable dev resources.

Support SAML

With many enterprises pushing for single sign-on, we wanted our app to support this as well. In a traditional environment getting apps ready for SAML integrations was time-consuming and challenging. Again with Auth0, to enable SAML you click a checkbox. This was one of the biggest reasons why we are using Auth0. With many enterprises using tools like Active Directory, and Okta we now support single sign-on without having to manage our own identity server..

Social SignOn Although Courtdoxx is mostly B2B, we intend on allowing our customers to have their customers log in. When this time comes, we will be able to support a wide number of social apps without having to write any code to make this happen.


Closing Thoughts

If development resources are limited at your company, Auth0 can do a lot of heavy lifting for you. By using Auth0, you can support your customers logging in via Social Logins, Okta, or Active Directory. If you would like help setting up your Auth0 account contact us!

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