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IAM is important for the following reasons?

Controlling who gets access to what is vital for a company's security and efficiency in today's digital age. It's a crucial part of keeping things running smoothly and safe.

When bad actors get hold of user credentials, it's like opening the front door to a company's network and valuable information. To protect against ransomware, cybercriminals, phishing, stolen devices, and even compromised devices like "Flipper Zero," businesses rely on identity management to keep their information safe.

In many organizations, users may have more access privileges than they need. A robust IAM system like Okta can provide an extra layer of protection by ensuring access rules and policies are consistently applied across the entire organization.

Cloud services for Identity and Access Management, such as Okta, can boost business productivity. Okta can effectively centralize the management of user credentials and access, reducing complexity and costs. Additionally, it empowers employees to work more productively and securely in various settings, whether they are working from home, the office, while traveling, or even in coffee shops.

If you want a secure webpage for on and off-board users, check out our Orchestration Engine.

The Orchestration Engine makes it easy to provision users with cloud services for your business.

Cloud Licensing Providers we handle.

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