Dropbox ending unlimited storage

Dropbox ending unlimited storage.

On Thursday, August 24 2023, Dropbox (DBX) announced that it is discontinuing its unlimited cloud storage offering as part of its Dropbox Advanced plan for businesses.

Why is Dropbox ending unlimited storage?

This decision comes in response to a growing issue of customers either reselling storage capacity or using their subscriptions for cryptocurrency mining.

The transition for existing customers will commence on November 1. Under the revised plan, starting September 18 for new customers and November 1 for existing ones, additional storage can be acquired at a rate of $10 per month every month or $8 per month with an annual subscription, according to the company.

When does unlimted end?

Effective immediately, customers who had initially purchased this plan with three active licenses will be allocated 15 terabytes of storage, while each additional active license will receive an additional five terabytes, as outlined by the company.

Customers with less than 35 terabytes of storage per license and those with 35 terabytes or more will maintain their current storage capacities for five and one year, respectively, from the time of migration notification by the company. Additionally, both groups will have access to an extra five terabytes of shared storage during this period, as stated by the company.

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