Cloud News Review week of 2/3/2020

Cloud News Review week of 2/3/2020

This Week on Cloud News Review

In case you didn't know, Microsoft Teams for Office 365 was down this morning at 8 AM central time for two hours. The company has stated this was due to authentication issue which they sent an updated certificate to fix the problem. At this point in time, there should be no problems logging on to Teams or any other Office 365 apps. [SlashGear]

Washington State University, starting in March, will require all school applitcations to be logged in with Multi-Factor Authentication. This decision was made to decrease the risk of online hacks and advance identity protection. The university has utilized Okta as their source of single sign-on. [WSUInsider]

Google's G Suite is starting to limit the access for some third-party apps. The company has said that less-secure apps (LSA's), that only access Google with a username and password, make your Google account more viable for online attacks and hijackings.

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