Okta Single Sign On with Laptop and Iphone


Your firm needs a strong stake to increase mobile security.

Reasons for mobile security?

  1. 50% reduction in mobile related Active Directory password lockout.
  2. $3M average cost of a breached lost/stolen device.
  3. 50% faster on-boarding of employees and contractors.
  4. Seamless and Secure access for native web apps.
  5. Tight integration to Active Directory for deployment.
  6. Almost 70% of security breaches happen from within!

Okta Security Measures

We are all experiencing two-factor authentication over the web and everyday life to varying degrees. However, adoption and ease of use are critical to successful two-factor authentication.

Deployed correctly, two-factor can significantly balance policy and end-user convenience, by increasing the security of the application, use case and end-user authorization.

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For those who do not know what Active Directory is, think of it in plain terms. Corporate phone book of users, and users potential access to applications, devices and computers. The ability to control users and groups fast. When using Okta with AD; a business will have the ability to turn on ActiveSync; when a worker or contractor change profiles and passwords, those applications will seamlessly be applied to that worker in realtime.

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We understand you have many cloud applications which need support. Ask us about managing Office 365, Okta and Gsuite for your organization.

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Remote Wipe

If you lose your mobile device, wether it be a laptop, cell phone. Our recommended service has the ability to remote wipe the device completely.


Multi-Factor authentication increases the security of the application which you are releasing access.

The first way to understand Okta Mobility.

Workers and partners will be able to acces the cloud applications on their phone.

Just like their desktop, all applications will be on their phone.

This is what Okta calls "Okta SSO".

There is no EXTRA cost.

Comes with your plan out of the box.

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What can we do for Moible Device Security!


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