How can I buy Microsoft E5?

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Microsoft E5 Features


Incorporate rights management services which will enable you to restrict access to documents and email to specific people.


Excel with tools that recognize your pattern and autocomplete data.


Presentations maker for anything you want to describe clearly to a person, group of people or a judge!


Sway is a new Office 365 app which you can easily create interactive web-based reports, presentations, newsletters, trainings and more.

OneDrive for Business

Files in the cloud, nothing more, nothing less.


Outlook experience you can access from your desktop or from a web browser.

Microsoft Office 365 Plans we recommend.


Why use the Office 365 Enterprise E5 Plan?

The E5 is the top of the line Microsoft Office 365 plan designed as a turnkey solution for all of your businesses communication needs. The E5 plan includes multiple applications (See "E5 plans Apps" in here) which will streamline and amplify your inter-office and client communications. This is your complete, email, calendar, contacts, phone and conference capabilities all in one plan.

Why would I consider Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is NOT just a client loaded on-to your computer. It's a phone system. It can be your company phone system. Microsoft calls this system PBX. (AKA: Private Phone System or Private Branch System). When you login to the web portal, you will have instant access to your PBX dashboard. If you hire someone new, you assign them the phone number. They now have the ability to dial/receive calls as soon as they login and authorize themselves. You do not need an expensive desktop phone. You don't need a jack. The user can then also use their own mobile device (download the app of course) or computer for dialing and receiving calls. that's it! It is as simple as described.

Can this replace my current VOIP system for example, Shortel?

Yes! We have seen Shortel phone bill. A ten to fifteen-person firm can pay close to $100 per user in fees for just phone use. If you need support for Shoretel, It's a cost and phone call. Need to add a user, call Shoretel. Need to set up conference line, call Shoretel. In short, more money. Shortel doesn't even come with advance features such as WebEx. This is an additional cost. Our clients see it as a headache and we are starting to hear this day-in and day-out.

Have you compiled your recent phone bill, conference line, and Web sharing cost?

If you have ten employees you are paying over $100 a user per month for services. Now is the time to rid yourself of endless support and billing cost. In return with the E5 plan you now have the Office suite, email, phone, web conference and conference line capabilities and many other enhanced applications for a robust enterprise ready collaboration systems for your business.