Email Encryption plugin for your business.

  • Iron Cove is Voltage Certified.
  • Solve your toughest security and information sharing with Email Encryption.
  • Enhance your security around the encryption of email messages.
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End to End email delivery Protection

Encryption ensures full protection of sensitive information in your email and file attachments.

Once you hit send, the email message is encrypted and then transmitted encrypted. The whole delivery from your desktop to the end user who is recieving the email. This mitigates the risk of email security breaches by providing end to end security, across desktops, gateway, business applications, and mobile devices.

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Business Friendly Email Encryption

The multi-tenant design permits unique branding and policy management for business, for tailored, personal customer experiences, varying authentication methods or regional touches.

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Stateless Key Management

Powerful standards Identity-Based Encryption eliminate key management complexity and usability challenges, simplifies IT operations, and permits global organization.

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Best User Experience

Encrypted conversations can be sent to anyone, inside or outside of your organization. Secured emails are sent and received like normal emails.

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