Amazon Web Services Consulting

We provide a comprehensive consulting set around utilizing Amazon Web Services use of Exchange, Active Directory, SES (email delivery) and Web Service hosting. Our team of experts have set up and migrated local email server to Exchange hosted in Amazon. We migrate all users, contacts, calendar and email.

If your firm wants to take full advantage, we recommend using AD in AWS. The connection of AD and Exchange is superior to having you run the service yourself and in your closet. Yes, we find many servers in the closet.

We have several resources available to help you learn more about running Microsoft Exchange Server on AWS. We don't dive into technical details on a web page but are more than willing to discuss your needs and best practices for deploying Amazon Web Services.

Great reasons to use AWS.

With AWS cloud computing, you can avoid sitting on unneeded capital resources or contending with limited capacity.

Deploy content across multiple data centers to increase the speed of images, content, and video. All images and videos on this site are hosted by Amazon S3 and utilize Cloudfront for distribution.

Speak to us how we can set up CloudFront for your website and increase the speed of images and videos.

Pay for the amount you will need, and leave the hardware management to us. Amazon Web Services can offer cost-effective pricing that helps your business reduce its overhead and increase its focus on higher value activities.

AWS's data centers feature an array of impressive security features such as encrypted data storage and multi-factor authentication. Full SAS 70 Compliance.

Deploy applications and data without waiting for hardware to arrive. Easily launch your applications in multiple regions with just a few clicks. This results in lower latency.

Amazon WorkSpacesis a managed desktop computing service via Amazon Cloud Services.

Our consulting capabilites for Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Exchange Server on AWS

We can set up Exchange server on AWS platform for your business. This will be migration form the old web server to new hosted server within AWS.

Microsoft Active Directory on AWS

Setting up Active Directory can be complicated. We find that most active directories are complicated and not utilized to its fullest. We also see that business can leverage Active Directory to increase security and connect for example Okta for their business.

Amazon Web Service hosting.

A place to deploy public DNS and webservers. Windows and Linux based instance can be provided.

Amazon SES

Simple Email Service is a high delivery service (always on) which allows you to have mass email system without the hassel of the IP address not being recognized as spam.

How fast is Amazon Workspace?


Setup and compute faster than you have ever done.


Host applications in the cloud and designate usage easily.


Every connection which is established, make sure its a secure connection.

Always On

Always redundant, always working, always on. No more IT support calls.

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