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Microsoft Office 365 Cloud of Online Services

Improve your business with your Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

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Find Out What the Cloud Can Do For You!

  • Cloud Assessment

     It's Email!

    Read, Review, Reply on all devices. Your business will be using an enterprise email server. It will enable you to get your C, C and E's in order. Your Calendar, Contact and Email are synchronized with your mobile phone, work computer and home.

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  • Cloud Assessment

     It's File Sharing!

    Keep everyone in your company working together. If they are home, or on the road, you will have the ability to collaborate on documents, share reports and connect with customers.

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  • Cloud Assessment

     It's Instant Chat!

    You can lower your IT expenses by having online meetings, audio, HD video, and web conferencing. It's your own private business Chat Service!

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  • Cloud Assessment

     It's Collaboration!

    Create a central place to access documents and business information from anywhere. As long as you have a connection to the internet, all documents are reachable and search-able. Have what you need with a click!

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Office 365 Key Features

  • 1
    Access your email, calendars, and contacts from your PC, tablet, phone, and web browser.
  • 2
    Share Calendars, schedule meetings and allow for collaboration.
  • 3
    Users will have a synchronized contact address book and can share contacts internally.
  • 4
    Users can compare calendars to schedule meetings with Exchange Online and have access to collaboration features like shared calendars, groups, global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation.
  • 5
    Get more done with 25 GB of storage per user mailbox and the ability to send attachments up to 25 MB. (1 GB mailboxes for kiosk workers)

So what Can Iron Cove Solutions do for you?

  • Microsoft Office 365 Assessment


    We will work with you and/or your IT department to evaluate your current infrastructure. For example, what version of outlook are you running? What data do you want to be migrated? What is the best way to migrate that data? There are even fine line questions based on our experience which we will uncover to help with a successful deployment.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Help



    We use the best tools to help you deploy successfully. We use Teamworkpm which helps keep the "where are we at with this deployment" questions from your boss. We also use Migration Tools such as Migration Wiz to even further the enhancement of migration. After all, moving heavy data takes time and we want to make sure we always give you the best experience and best use of your money for the transition.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Training


    Iron Cove Solutions achieved Portals and Collaboration; Silver Competency status. This was achieved by demonstrating a proven track record of excellence in service delivery. Silver partners have access to Microsoft Online services, promotion of cloud capabilities and access to higher levels of pre-sales training and technical support.

  • Microsoft Office 365



    Iron Cove Solutions has been part of the Microsoft Advisory Board for “cloud-computing”. Iron Cove Solutions functions as a consultant and advisor of Microsoft products and initiatives since the advisory board.

  • Forefront Email Encryption

    Add Email Encryption to your Microsoft Office 365 Service. We will Send you an encrypted email.

    To experience an encrypted message, click on the envelope to the right and and we will send you encrypted message. This box will open up your email application. Mail Me Encrypted Message.