Utilize Workday as your master for user provisioning within Okta.

Impliment Workday to Okta!

"Lifecycle Management"


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We can reduce login help-desk inquiries by using Okta SSO.


Increase security use of applications.

Workday as Master

Utilize Workday as corporate directory.


Create, retrieve, update, deactivate.

Workday is your single source of truth for user provisioning.

Relationship between Workday and Okta.

In most cases there is no direct integration between Workday and any of the IT systems such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and applications like email, web conferencing and other critical business applications.

All stages of any identities, including pre-hire, start-date, transfer and termination are managed and triggered within Workday.

The key is to create a worker in Workday and then have all cloud applications turned on for said worker on day 1 of employment.

Workday-driven provisioning with Okta is a purpose-built solution targeted at seamlessly integrating Workday with Okta to automate provisioning for AD and other IT systems.

We are the highest certified consulting firm within the Okta ecosystem.

We have 4 certified engineers.

We also have two developers located in Los Angeles to handle OAuth 2.0 and OpenID development of web landing pages.

A full suite of Okta and Workday consulting and deployment engineers.

Our Developer knowledge is Simply Amazing!

OAuth 2.0
  1. Automated and orchestrated provisioning and deprovisioning workflow between Workday and IT applications.
  2. Automated Active Directory account creation coupled with Active Directory password management features.
  3. Instant Single Sign-on (SSO) integrated with Active Directory for Workday and all other cloud applications.
  4. Workday SSO on all devices including mobile devices mobile devices.
  5. Built-in Multi-Factor Authentication support for Workday sign-in.
  6. Centralized reporting and audit of access to all system.


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