Why Us?

We can seamlessly integrate Microsoft Office 365 into Okta.


Okta Certified Administrator


We are Professional and Administrator approved by Okta.


We have a long history of migrating information from a local server to cloud services. Users, data and active directory, no problem.

Connecting Office 365 and Okta, we have done this many times. Our Microsoft Silver Competency in Office 365 brings years of experience and skill to your situation.


Businesses leverage our knowledge as certified experts in Microsoft Office 365, Okta, Dropbox and many other cloud services.


Businesses leverage our security knowledge around SSO and multi-factor authentication for Okta.

Active Diretory

For many Microsoft Office 365 customers, Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a core piece of the identity management infrastructure. With AD serving as the enterprise directory, user authentication and application access policies around on-premises applications are often tied to users and security groups in AD. Similarly, the ideal Microsoft Office 365 deployment should be able to tightly integrate with AD. Office 365 accounts should be created based on AD user profiles and security groups. And users should be able to leverage their AD credentials when accessing Office 365.

When the user needs to change a password it can all be done without a call into IT.

Everyone is happy!

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How Okta connects to Office 365.

We set up Okta to solve your Identity as a Service (IDaaS) gap.

Securing web access is at the forefront of the cloud computing environment.

Okta is a 100-percent on-demand, turnkey solution that automates user management and SSO with cloud and web applications. Okta Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office 365 offers a complete, robust, and easy-to-use AD integration with Office 365 that provides a seamless authentication experience for Office 365 users and automated provisioning and deprovisioning of Office 365 accounts based on AD users and security groups without the heavy baggage of ADFS and DirSync.

By using Okta, you centralize your cloud apps without the worry of exposure to data loss.

Okta can replace active directory.

How does Okta replace active directory?

Okta can replace Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for federation, and DirSync (otherwise known as Windows Azure Active Directory Sync) or FIM 2010 R2 for directory synchronization. It achieves this with a lightweight agent that can be installed on existing Windows servers in your domain. This same agent is used for synchronizing data from AD to Office 365. It can read and write user and group data from AD and other LDAP servers, and is also used to define who has access to your Office 365 services.

Very important!
If you do have local security settings and are currently using a local file server, having Okta as your main SSO is not an ideal option.

Why you can order from us and Video about Okta.

Buying from Iron Cove Solutions gave us a flexible plan and better price than buying direct.

  • We can offer Month-to-Month billing?
  • We can offer ONE BILL for both Office 365 and Okta.

Iron Cove Solutions is a Primier Partner of Okta and works very closely with Okta as Certified Deployment Specialist and Sales partner.

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