Single Sign On


Email, Meetings, Documents, Calendars, Contacts, Projects, Files, Workspaces need security.


Desktop SSO run by Azure Active Directory.


Increase cloud security access.

Active Directory

Run local AD with Okta in Hybrid state.


Create, retrieve, update, deactivate workers and partners.


  • We have three trained and certified Okta engineers on staff.
  • All of our engineers have completed multi-forest, multi-tenant migrations with connection of Active Directory, Exchange Online to Okta. Review our case study
  • Work with your team to enhance two-factor authentication use within your business. For example, turn on two-factor authentication for Dropbox.
  • Discuss with us how you can use Okta’s mobility management to wipe out access to cloud applications on cellphones.
Review our case study.

Okta as the preferred SSO vendor for cloud security.

  • Its Okta ability to easily secure user access to cloud applications.
  • Its Okta ability to easily increase security for customers and partners.
  • Its Okta ability to easily automate on-boarding and off-boarding by seamlessly communicating between directories and cloud apps. See our video!
  • By connecting Active Directory to Okta’s Universal Directory, this will make provisioning of user easier for IT. A single set of credentials grants users access to the cloud apps they need, whether it is on-premise or via mobile devices.
Read more about mobile device management.

We can work with your engineers to install and set up Okta.

  • We can make sure integration happens with on-premises applications.
  • We can make sure the connection between Active Directory and Okta’s Universal Directory is working in tandem.
  • We can make sure the deployment is done cleanly and seamlessly.
Review our case study page

Microsoft Office 365

  • We can clean up and connect Active Directory to Okta.
  • We can set up Azure Active Directory to connect to Okta UD.
  • We are Silver Microsoft Cloud partners.
  • We have migrated more than 500,000 employees to Office 365 and Exchange Online.

How does Okta connect to Office 365?

Okta is a 100% on-demand, turnkey solution that automates user management and SSO with cloud and web applications. Okta Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office 365 offers a complete and easy-to-use AD integration with Office 365. It’s a seamless authentication experience for Office 365 users. Office 365 provisioning and deprovisioning are based on AD users and security groups without the heavy baggage of ADFS and DirSync

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"Buying from Iron Cove Solutions gave us a flexible plan and better price than buying direct."

  • We can offer month-to-month billing.
  • We can offer ONE BILL for both Office 365, Okta and Dropbox.

Iron Cove Solutions is a premier partner of Okta and works very closely with Okta as certified deployment specialist and sales partner.

Okta Videos

Working with partners.


Working with SSO.


Frequently asked questions about Okta.

“Can I wipe a mobile phone so no one can access data?”

As a business, by using Okta’s cloud-based system, you will have the ability let Okta’s cloud-based system manage end-user passwords in a highly secure, highly encrypted format. A single set of credentials grants users access to the apps they need in the cloud, on-premises and on mobile devices.

“Can Okta manage passwords for my business, partners and contractors?”

Yes. Okta, first and foremost, is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system served over the Internet. Securely give internal (employees) and external (partners or vendor) users access to applications to conduct business. This will free a tremendous amount of resources. This will eliminate calls to the IT support desk for password resets. Have you ever asked IT how many times they reset passwords? It’s more often than you think. Make employee on-boarding and off-boarding a breeze. Easily and securely extend and revoke access to resources.

“Can anyone see my passwords or logins?”

No. Okta is a security-first service, and to allow such access would be disastrous as this gives anyone with more authority and control unfiltered access to anything you own. The good news is that Okta will never allow admins, owners or even itself to view your login credentials.

End users, however, if allowed, can reveal passwords that they set for themselves. This can also be controlled if you wish to have users never see a single password or username ever again.

When an employee, partner or vendor access is created, deleted or suspended, the credentials stored will be removed and wiped out — not the data behind the application, just the access. This will give you complete control and privacy required from both administrative and end users.

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“What can I control with Okta?”

We get it, such a ubiquitous term “manage.” If you think about how you wish to grow and protect what you own as a business, everything starts with a login. The login credentials provide so much in an app-dominated world. Now, couple that with growth, relationships with partners and vendors, and managing this can become complex.

Device proliferation, stay-at-home work, and travel in remote locations can become a security problem. It’s the ability to control and handle this access that is important. It’s a complex problem, but when handled with the thought and desire to increase security, Okta is a great place to start!

“Have you connected an SAP application to Okta?”

Yes. We worked with a major electronics firm with multiple locations and personnel around the world. SAP was the backbone for this electronics firm, needed to increase the security in foreign countries where it manufactures. With our ability to be flexible, we were able to achieve a SAP-Okta integration.

“What is IDAAS and how can this help my organization?”

Your business has data, applications and services that all require a login and password. To what and whom you give access is critical. IDAAS (Identity As A Service) ensures access to those apps are protected and only those individuals are allowed to view and use those applications.

By implementing a proper IDAAS service, your business is now centralized and the exposure to data loss is significantly decreased.


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