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Balboa Wealth Partners, Inc., a Newport Beach, California, investment advisory firm hired Iron Cove Solutions to deploy its new business productivity solution from the ground up. New growth and business communication requirements made the selection easy: Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E5 This Office 365 E5 deployment is noteworthy because, per Microsoft, it represented one of the first installations of its newest flagship product. Iron Cove has been tapped by Microsoft to act as a leading partner for E5 deployments, business conferencing, and collaboration. vvx-600-lg-aIncluded with Balboa Wealth’s Office 365 E5 are Microsoft’s new cloud PBX, PSTN voice, and conferencing functionalities. These features were configured for Balboa Wealth, including new Polycom VVX 600 phones that are exclusively designed to work with Microsoft’s advanced cloud PBX and PSTN voice services. A Cisco Meraki 24-port switch and two wireless access points were also part of the makeover, giving the advisory firm the ability to manage a secure, scalable, and private wireless cloud network for its offices. By moving to the cloud and reconfiguring their network, Balboa Wealth forecasts a savings in excess of $36K over a three-year period.


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Like most businesses, Balboa Wealth relies heavily on its business communications. Reliability, up time, security, professionalism, scalability, mobility… these were all words used in describing the company’s Office 365 requirements.

Deploying Office 365 E5’s new Cloud PBX and PSTN Dialing was a critical element of the deployment. Because of Balboa Wealth’s growth, new employees are in multiple locations: the primary office in Newport Beach, remote staff, and auxiliary offices. The distributed workforce and high availability business productivity requirements lend themselves to an ideal scenario for taking advantage of Office 365’s newest features and Cisco Meraki’s ability to extend the WiFi network across multiple locations and create an instant VPN. Using traditional phone handsets with their new Office 365 advanced Skype for Business cloud PBX paved the way for deploying the Polycom VVX 600 phones, which work natively with Office 365 E5 and the new Skype for Business. Each employee has a direct dial phone number, along with voicemail, conference calling, and additional advanced calling features that come with the new Skype for Business. This means it’s “business as usual” for Balboa Wealth, where much of their client communications still happens over the telephone.


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Because of Balboa Wealth’s interest in Cloud PBX and PSTN dialing capabilities, the Microsoft solution was clear: Office 365 Enterprise E5. The newly enhanced Skype for Business for with advanced cloud PBX and PSTN dialing is integrated in the core service and stole the show on this deployment. Provisioning direct dial PSTN phone numbers for employees was done directly within the Office 365 administration console, 100% in the cloud. Integration with the new Polycom phones took minutes, and Balboa Wealth was making phone calls the same day the deployment was complete. Office 365 E5 is Microsoft’s top shelf business productivity offering. It naturally comes complete with the latest full Microsoft Office suite of apps you’d expect, but E5 also comes with a long list of additional capabilities.


Implemented E5 with Skype for Business Modern voice & Cloud PBX.

Deployed Cisco Meraki cloud managed secure wireless network.

Saved our customer thousands of dollars and produced an immediate ROI.